2019 Walk Pictures


Update March 1, 2021

We will not be carrying our communities cross this year.

We have prior engagements that will prevent us from doing this event.

Thank you all who have participated and supported the event all these years.

Please have Very blessed Easter.

Carrying our Communities Cross - Annual Event

For this event to be sucessful we need the following each year

This is an annual event "Carrying our Communities Cross" held the Saturday before Easter. We carry a full sized wooden cross 13.7 miles from the Starke County Courthouse in Knox to Norwayne Field in North Judson to BEAR the trials and tribulations plaguing our community.

Above all we want all residents in the area to know they are LOVED by us and God.

Cross Bearers

Volunteers to carry the cross for short periods during the 13.7 mile trip, the more people we have the shorter each person has to Bear the cross.

Seniors / Disabled

You are not left out, we have trailers with hay bales that you can ride along and still participate.


There are costs for printing fliers, signs and we try to donate to those businesses that help people in the community like Bella Vita for example.


People to walk along with us, carry a sign, help pray for those afflicted by trials and tribulations.


This is the Route we will be taking, we do make a stop 1/2 thru the walk to have a snack and use the restroom.

9am Begin at (Starke County Courthouse 53 E Washington St, Knox, IN 46534)

  • Travel down Main Street to Culver Road (East 100 South)
  • Turn Right on Culver Road and Travel to South 350 East
  • Turn Left on South 350 East to East 200 South (Palmer Road)
  • Turn Right on East 200 South (Palmer Road) to South Range Road
  • Turn Left on South Range Road to East Toto Road

12pm Break, Snacks, Drink, Restroom (100 S Toto Road)

  • Turn Right on South Range Road to East 400 South to South 350 West
  • Turn Left on South 350 West to Arlington Ave (Lincoln Ave)
  • Turn Right on Arlington Ave to Railroad Street
  • Turn Left on Railroad Street to East Sycamore Street
  • Turn Right on Sycamore Street to Lane Street
  • Turn Left on Lane Street to Central Ave
  • Turn Right on Central Ave to Norwayne Field

230pm Arrive at (Norwayne Field North Judson, IN 46366)

Our Route